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Hi... I've been trying to access my stats since a while now. What's happening is I'm logging in and seeing the "My projects" page, but then I'm clicking one of my projects to view the stats for that, I'm getting the Login Failed page. This has happened 5-6 times now. Can anyone help?!? :confused:
Same thing here

I've been having the same problem over the last two days. It's intermittent.

I log in and get to see my list of projects. But when I click on one of them, I get the 'fail page' which says I'm not logged in.

Nothing has changed my end.
Right. I'm using a Mac. The problem seems like it might be confined to Safari, as I was able to use the site with Firefox. It's always worked perfectly with Safari, my browser of choice, in the past.

Not sure what's going on, but maybe that'll give the Tech Dept some clues? :)
me, too

For the past few days, I've been getting intermittent 'you are not logged in' after I had just logged in and accessed the projects summary page. As soon as I clicked on a project I got the 'you are not logged in' page.

Sometimes I would just go back and click the project again, and it worked normally.

sometimes I would re login and it would be fine.

But when finally it wouldn't do anything I actually READ the text on the 'you are not logged in ' page and tho it gives info for AOL and IE versions (I use FF on a Mac) I went to the Preferences - accept cookies from - page to check what was there.

I had 'always accept cookies from www.statcounter . com but not the non-www version. And of course, when you go to access projects, you get a subdomain type page like my3 -----statcounter.com

so I added the statcounter. com to cookies list and all seems to be well.

I do have a FF update trying to install, so maybe that's making a nuisance of itself.

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