multiple mysterious Virginia users

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Strangely, I seem to be getting an inordinate amount of users from Virginia, specifically from Manassas and Reston. I don't have any customers from those cities, and haven't received any inquiries from either that I know of. These cities appear as the originating sites for many different types of searches, keywords, browsers, etc.

So what's going on? Do these just happen to be some hotspots where a ton of email is routed through? Is anyone else seeing these results?

I think you'll find that that's one of the main AOL centres so anyone that has signed up with them from anywhere in the world could show up as being based there. I have loads too.
You'll find that if you look at the IP address you can usually figure out that it is AOL because AOL appears in the IP address. Each page that an AOL user visits will usually register as a totally different visitor even though it is not really.

Manassas Virginia, New York New York, Mountain Valley California and a couple other places each show up as multiple vistors, but each visitor from AOL that is in the same city/state is actually one visitor.

AOL changes the IP address for each page their members visit to try to hide where they are from.
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