My last combined StatCounter is nog working

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I have a complicated website: World Webcam Monitor ( with some 40 invidual pages. All pages have their own StatCounter and at every page I have a combined Statcounter that counts all pages together. Yesterday I installed my last new page. The combined stat shows an icon with ‘Invalid Project’. At the other pages it is working OK. What went wrong? :roll:

Andreas K. Horlings, The Netherlands
Where exactly is the error?

Which page shows the error? I cannot see anything on the main page. I notice you are using frames so I hope you have taken that into account when you defined your counters and placed them.
It's because for your first statcounter you used sc_partition=1 which, by not being reset, stays the same for your next statcounter.

For the second counter make sure your first javascript resets the partition :

var sc_project=218044; 
var sc_partition=0;
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