My turn to have a problem LOL!

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Maybe it's just a temporary thing, but one of my counters isn't working. It's not showing anything but a place holder for the image where it should be and the image title: StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter.

It doesn't work no matter on which page I place it, it's no different from my other counters and I haven't changed anything on it or any of them, nor to the page. All other counters appear to work fine.

Project id 294526. I can see the logs, but the last ones were at about 1pm EDT. it sort of looks fishy to have nothing else for that long, especially sicne I know tehre've been some visitors there (it's my forum). Ok, so it's not exactly that popular, but still..... LOL!

Hah, also the counter 299668 (which is invisible) has stoppepd counting.

Come to think of it, they are the only ones that I have on partition=1, the others are on partition=0 ...... maybe there's something there?

----- later ----

Upon further investigation I find that isn't connecting whereas is connecting. I just hope c2 has not vanished forever :)
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