Need help with Windows 7 partition

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Hi all

I'm trying to help a friend's son with his Windows 7 partition and I don't know where to go from here.

He's got a store bought computer, came with Windows 7 and the drive was partitioned C & D. His D drive was full and he wanted to make it larger while reducing the size of the C drive. I remember resizing partitions with XP a long time ago and thought this would be a cake walk. The drop down options for C or D do not allow resizing, see below. I thought we could make the C drive smaller and then make the D drive larger by the same amount. We after backing up the D drive and deleting the partition I still was not able to resize the C drive. And now I can't even recreate a D drive to replace the one I deleted.

Can someone offer some advise as to what I need to do now.


I don't know anything about Windows 7 BUT maybe this might help

Resize a Partition

It looks like you have to use the "Shrink Volume" and "Extend Volume" options. - seems a bit obvious, so, you've probably gone down this route already - in which case, ignore this.
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Hi Rob

Yes I did try that, as you can see in the "close up" of the drop down menu. The partition I want to make bigger only gives me a "shrink" option. The one I want to make small only gives me an "extend" option. Seems to be working opposite to what I want to do.

Thanks, I re-read that link and see if I'm missing something.
I have a laptop that uses Vista (not W 7) which I only use occasionally and I tried to use this technique to resize partitions and got totally confused. It appeared to be going the way I wanted but in the end got so confusing, I gave up. and, thankfully, still had the original settings to fall back on as I didn't have a disc to reload the OS.

I now work with a MacBook Pro and have never looked back, nor want to, to PC's!
The D: drive on my Windows 7 system is the "Factory Image". That is what is used anymore instead of giving install disks. In the event of a failure, you supposedly can restore the system to its original state with this image. Yes, the D: drive is full because it is supposed to be. Your situation may be different.
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