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We've migrated the forum from using vbulletin to zenforo.
vBulletin was not getting updated like it used to, so we needed to move to another option.
Let us know if there are any issues with the new forum software.
We're working on modifying the theme to feel more like StatCounter.

Car Guy

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I'm still working my way around trying to get familiar with where stuff is now. So far this is the first post I've come across.

I usually watched "Recent Posts" and checked often during the day for new member registrations, then ran them through the Stop Forum Spam database.

BTW my Admin login doesn't work anymore.
Yikes! Just glad I managed to log in, since I've stayed logged in for years with Chrome remembering everything so this came as a shock LOL
Looks like I'll need a new avatar since this one looks fairly mangled.
Odd, I use it every day and it works just fine. It's what I have bookmarked. It's not "new" posts, it's "unread" posts. You have to mark them all as read if you want to skip them.
You mean forums which do not ban for spamming?
Which do not forbid clickable outgoing links?
Which do not add rel="nofollow" to outgoing links?

Nope, I don't know any reputable forums like that.