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Hi folks, This is Richard From Pune, India. I am new to Stat Counter Forum and some topics also new for me, So I hope you guys will help me to learn this things and I will share my experience with you. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for read

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Hello everyone,

I'm Terry from Corpus Christi, TX, a newbie too. Just started using Stat Counter to check the activity of the library visitors and would like to know what to begin with.

Thanks, Terry
Welcome Terry.

The basics are creating an account, then creating a "Project" for your website. Then generating the code to use for that Project. Then installing that code on your website. The code must go in the footer that will load with every page so you get details for every page.

In your account it will have suggestions for specific website makers like Wordpress, etc.

Read the section in this forum titled. Statcounter FAQ, or from inside your account, the Support posted at the top of the page.