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I am monitoring several different sites with no problems at all.
However a new site I added yesterday is getting upwards of 500 hits a day where the web page they visited is not shown.

Looking in the Recent Pageload Activity all the stats show is:

Resolution: Unknown
Hostname: Gives the IP address
Country: Always US - Mainly California (San Mateo is common)
Web Page: Always Blank
Referring Link: Always Blank
Visit Length: Tends to be hours

The 'real' hits I see everything about the visitor I would expect, and they number a handful throughout the day.

What are these hits and can I block them from appearing in the count ?
i.e. If no web page is displayed, can they be filtered out ?

Have you installed the html-only version of the counter?

The javsacript portion of the regular code is needed to track url informaiton (page visted and referrer) and screen resolution.

Or else your visitor has javascript diabled and is being tracked only by the <noscript> ..</noscript> portion of the code.
I have installed the javascript version, and I get page visited & referrer for about 1% of the hits to the page.

This is the only domain that this is happening on, but it is hosted at a different location to all of the other sites, and this has never happened on any of the other sites.

There are over 750 of these hits to the site today, all US based, 5 more since starting this message. My own visit to the site a minute or two ago was tracked successfully.

Could these be "attacks" on the website ? pings / viruses that are hitting us, rather than people with javascript disabled ?

It is making the stats pretty unworkable, as finding "real" visitors is real needle in a haystack stuff.
They would be javscript diabled visitors - perhaps image bots.

If you dont' want them logged, just remove the <noscript>..</noscript> portion of the counter code.
:lol: Worked a treat, the hits have dropped from over 600 a day, of which 500+ were not real visitors, to a much more realistic 50 - 100.

Many thanks
LOL, the hits have not necessarily dropped, except YOU don't see them any more as they are no longer being tracked. :lol:
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