Not tracking visits from mobile

Hi. I recently noticed that in one of my sites, visits from mobile browsers are not tracked.
If I visit the site from PC, I see it in Statcounter immediatelly. But when I visit from Android, Statcounter does not show anything. I tried several Android browsers, it's the same.
I tried reinstalling the code, didn't help.
Can anyone help about that, please?
Other sites work fine.
The typical explanation is that those particular mobile devices have settings in their browsers that prevent tracking, such as not allowing third party images. Probably by default. You will have to check and see where that is. You can manipulate yours but obviously not your visitors' settings. Nothing can be done about it.
But it's also possible that the mobile version of your site does not include tracking code.
Thank you for reply! I'm not sure of it, though - as I said, my other sites with Statcounter work properly from both PC and mobile, and there is no separate layout for mobile on this site... Will try to test it more when I have time, to try to find out the reason...
Those are the only 2 possibilities:
  1. No tracking code on mobile version of website.
  2. The mobile device browser has a setting to prevent tracking (e.g third party images are blocked).