Now statcounter image is not loading

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our statcounter image is not loading and hence visits are not being recorded. The image is hosted on and we are on partition 0.



StatCounter Team
Hi Michael,

Can you please do a traceroute to

Please post the results here and we'll investigate. From where we are, everything looks fine!
It is back working this morning and so the counter loaded BUT we have other stats which show 9 visitors within the last hour and none of those were logged on statcounter. I know for a fact those visitors do not have the counter blocked because two of them are website moderators. Therefore we are missing a lot of visitors being logged today. One moderator did note that the counter was not loading when he visited and I guess the lack of statcounter image meant he did not get logged. The counter not loading now and again for some ISPs means a lot of lost visitor data.:confused:
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