Number missing for blue column

Hello StatCounter,

I've noticed that for the past few days, the bar-graph display doesn't show a number at the top of the blue column for the current day's visits. The count is available (with mousing over) but the number isn't displayed. Thanks for looking into this.

Michael L
You mean in Summary stats bar graph?

The blue bar is for unique visits. It looks like if it's equal to the green bar (for page views) it won't be shown separately.

Is that your case?
Yes, it's the last-7-days bar graph. The numbers are different for visits and page views. I also just noticed that numbers are missing for visits for the first two of the seven days. (There too, the totals for visits and page views are different.) With the older days, the totals for visits aren't available with mousing over.

In other views -- 14 days, and so on -- numbers for the blue are missing here and there.
For current day it's also missing for me, but I can see it by mousing over.

For the others that are missing I don't see anything by mousing over.
Same here

At my graphs too the label for unique visits for the current day is missing. It started on August 6th and seemed to be solved in the course of the day as the number had appeared again. However this morning August 7th, again the label for unique visits for the current day is missing.:(

added info: around noon today the label for unique visits for the current day has appeared again....


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