Office furniture - Cubicles, Table, Partition in Philippines

I know that there is a lot more to do when going for a furniture purchase. You need o look around for decor, quality, brands, color, hardware materials, durability and much more. I personally take care of everything while making a furniture for offices or home. All the cubicles, office tables, partitions, steel cabinets should not just look good but also should contain enough drawers and pockets to save the space. Also, quality is another factor because not everyone looks for changing their home or office furniture every year or so. Hence, longevity and durability is what people look for.

I just want to have views on what is more important for people when going to purchase the furniture for their office, is it durability or looks? This could definetely help me in making new and innovative furniture for my business.

Here are few of my furniture items on my online store : , do let me know your views on this.
Thank You!!