One more visitor statistic based on imagedownload

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Do anyone know any other statistic program based on image download. I love my statcounter. But i have also tried google analytics and woopra as complementary. The last one is great for both small and big websites but both are jss based.

But i need some tool more. To catch some special fishes.


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What is the problem with sc?? I tried google analytics before, didn't like it, too showy and not techy enough compared to sc.

Don't know any that compare to sc - unless you want to write your own...??
All third party trackers have to be image based - whether using or not javascript.

Only trackers you host yourself on your own server can be server-side scripting based.
Who knows if ever? Such software tends to be highly dependent on the server platform, and usualy there are even more restrictions as to what users may or may not install on their websites. For instance everybody using Blogger wil be unable to use any such server-side tracker.


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Yes of course, but some would use it. For example XML sitemaps create a sitemap for your site, or you can purchase a standalone version - which is good for larger sites.

We are trying to develope a standalone counter - partly out of interest but partly to track more things - ie tracking how many impressions adverts get on particular sections of the site, tracking clicks etc .

I'd much. Rather do it with statcounter but obviously that is one of the limitations...
Yes, but it's always platform dependent.

And server-side stuff is great BUT it does not capture information for pages visited from a cache. You need javascript for that, and interaction with a server-side script and database as well. So you're back to something like Statcounter.
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