One visitor, multiple systems

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It occurs that one visitor, even on the same visit, is using multiple browsers and/or operating systems. On the Page load activity page this is quite obvious.

So, yesterday I had a visitor doing a bit of exploring, all from a Windows machine, and then switching to a Linux machine and load the same page with two different browsers.

When I drill down on the *last* pageload from that visitor (Linux, one of the two browsers used from there), the visitor information page correctly shows me the whole path (including the last two page loads from Linux) - but for the system only shows the Windows platform (first) used.

Obviously, the information is *available* (since the OS/browsers are shown in page load activity and the *whole* path is shown on the visitor page) but not all OS/browsers (etc.) are shown on the user page.

=> Could we have the *full* system information (all different ones used) shown on the visitor information page as well?

If you want a specific example, look for a series of page loads from IP, project id 429108 (as long as it's still there!)
Ok I kind of get what you are saying. Let me tell you what I am doing at work and it might shed some light on what might be happening. I work at a place where I use a Suse9.1 box for most of what I do. Although I remote console through many different servers. As well as a M$ winXP machine that I access my network and special applications through. I am not sure but what if you remote into another OS and bring up the link and copy it to the other OS as a bookmark. Will it show one IP address for both OS's? I bring this up because I do it all the time. I will do some testing and let you know.

Is this happening often or every now and then?
Is this happening often or every now and then?
Actually it's happeninng regularly - I only noted how StatCounter handles it just now because I've installed that only recently.

I hang out (on the Internet) with web developer types a lot, and usually put a URL or two in a sig; so those developer types are likely to have a look at times - even if it's a travel blog. ;-)

And web developer types often have different machines with different OSs and different browser to test their stuff. They may see something on my site, and then decide to have a look with something else, too.

That's once scenario. Another is that I may put in a new feauture and request a review or some tests - that's what happened yesterday, where I asked people on a mailing list to evaluate the accessibility features I put in for the calendar. One person who read my request did try out some of the calendar features (with Firefox on Windows) ... and then switched to Linux and had a quick look (one page) with both Firefox (different version than before) and Konqueror - both without using the calendar. One of those developer types wondering "and how will this page look in ...?" probably. :)

In general, sone visitor use different browsers might mean one of two things (maybe more, but at least these):
* just testing (good); or
* something doesn't work right in one browser, trying another to see if that works better (bad).
Interpreting which it is, will largely depend on context, of course, but showing that type of information is important.

[edit: why do I keep typing "Foxpro" when I want to type "Firefox"??]
Just so you know: even when you remote into another computer and view the same site it shows different IP addresses. Which should of been real obvious, me drinky a little lastnight when I posted. me mind was a we bit cloudy
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