Online Store Stat shows IP but Stat Counter doesn't

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I don't understand why this person's IP address is showing up in my "who's Online" in my store, but not stat coutner?

This person is logging TONS of pages, but Stat counter still isn't showing it over an hour later. They keep coming back and doing the same thing.

Is there a way to block their IP? Yes, I know, why block them? It's just annoying and they never buy anything anyway. I hope it they never start using up my stat log, but I want to be sure it doesn't. I know nothing about how to block an IP, I use Host Gator, and maybe i could do it in there.....but if I could, I'd rather block it in Stat Counter.

Thanks for any help on this.
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Car Guy

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Some people prefer to surf anonymously and can turn off 3rd party images in their browser and go undetected by 3rd party counters.

You can only stop them accessing your site if you have access to the server.
With Statcounter you can only block an IP from getting recorded in your stats, not from accessing your site.
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