Page Not Found when trying to download stats after switching projects

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Hi, I've got several projects in my account and once a month I download the data from my projects to incorporate them in an Excel report that shows me a graphical representation of visits per month per site.

To do so in the past I used the following workflow:
  • From the list of projects navigate to the overview page of my first project
  • Limit the date from and date to to show only complete days figures since my last download so the graph automatically updates to show the limited time frame
  • Click the download button to save the current visitor stats as an excel file
  • In the top navigation, use the dropdown to switch to another project
  • Just click the download button again to download stats for this project
  • And so on
This worked fine until the new graph was introduced.
Now after I switch to the 2nd project, the download button returns a "page not found" error.
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