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When checking the popular page visits, the list will have two listings for the same page in a lot of cases.
For example, hits are listed as such: if visitors used that in their browser or if they used that in their browser.

Is there a way to leave out the domain name and only show the page name?


Thanks Jen,
I tried any combination of checking and unchecking the three choices and found by checking all three, the results were most useful. All pages where the visitor entered don't show the web site URL, but the ones where the visitor asked for do show:
I can live with that, apparently not too many people look for the site without using the www. in the name.
Thanks for your reply.

You need to fix your canonical issues.

Pick one form - either www or non-www and enforce it by 301 redirection to the one you don't prefer to the one you prefer.

The homepage is best accessed at the domain root url ending in the trailing slash, without index.htm, so fix your navigation ccordingly, and if possible 301 redirect requests for index.html to the root.

Those redirections are easily done if you are hosted on an Apache server, as per:
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