Pages with long url addresses

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When I go to create a project and enter the website url, the url gets cut off because it is quite a long url (from an intranet page).

Is there any way that I can get counters on pages with really long urls? It is just the odd page or two that have some really long urls that we still want counters on.

The maximum url is 150 characters. Anything mroe than that gets chopped off.

Maybe if your pages each have a good unique title you can tell which one it was by viewing title instead of url.
OK, so you are saying that in the Project Settings, the Website URL field doesn't define what page is being tracked - it is on what page you actually paste the code? i.e. you could just leave the Website URL field blank?
The pages that get tracked are all those where you have installed the tracking script - and only those.

The "website url" field is there only for the purpose of excluding all url's prefixed by that from Came From stats, as they will then be considered internal to your site so when you want to view only external it will show you only those hits with referrers not from that website.

Normally you put a domain url there (www and non www form).

With an intranet I suppose there's no way to get real external referrers anyway, so the point is moot.

If your intranet has several applications in it, in several directories, you could put the url up to an including a directory and that will be considered internal to that application. Anything from a different path will be considered external.

However what I was talking about was really different. It's that the database where hits are stored only keeps url's up to 150 characters long, so anything longer than that gets chopped. Regardless of what you are using for website url, your Recent Pageloads has all the hits, but of any url is longer than 150 characters all you see are the first 150 characters.
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