Pages with SC code in them very slow in Firefox

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I have pages with the SC code installed at the recommended spot. When accessed via Firefox, the page loads, then I get an hourglass cursor for about 7 seconds. Once the hourglass goes away, the 'onload' event handler on the page then fires. Only then is my page really done loading.

Using IE none of this happens.

Since I use the onload event to perform necessary tasks, the load time is unacceptable. If I remove the SC code, the problem goes away. Firefox is version Any ideas? Failing a fix, I will have to abandon StaCounter.


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Would you mind giving us the URL to your site, so we also can have a look with our browsers (Firefox and other). I have to question why a code of few bytes in the bottom of the page can affect the loading of that same page. The 'onload' is in the body tag I suppose, and should be loaded before the counter code?

It may be a bug in Firefox 1.5 as there is other bugs in it as well, one connected to the statcounter code it generates, but also others with no connection to statcounter.
Its gone away

I'm embarassed to say that the problem seems to have vanished on its own. The only thing I did was clear the cache in Firefox, so perhaps that is related. If it happens again I'll post a URL that replicates it. Thanks anyway.
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