please help - attract traffic to the website?

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Hi everybody,
I have a blog but there were not many people go to my website. So I want to know which way to attract traffic to my website?
Thanks so much!
Hi MrPieElsa,

In this Era everyone create blog and post of different type of category. it's not easiest way to generate traffic but you follow google guideline with some bellow point help you:

1. Blog speed
2. Post unique and useful, user friendly content with relevant image, video
3. Write eye caching title
4. Add share button
5. Responsive design
6. Sharing your post on social media
1. write a press release,
2. work on your internal and external seo
3. submit your website and your .xml sitemap to google search console
4. post on forums, blogs,articles,
5. submit to directories
Press releases can be bordering on spam, in particular if they have followed links.
Posting on forums, blogs, articles - again they will be spam is they include followed links.
Generally directories are useless unless properly curated. If every Tom, Dick and Harry can list his spiel in a directory and nobody moderates it, then it is spam.
Careful with so-called external SEO. DO NOT SPAM.
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