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I can't get my Popular Pages to display the full data. If I select edit range and all data and check the box to make it default, it continues showing me only the past 2 days. Setting it manually works, but I cannot then go back and change the range and get 'all data' to stick. It goes back to the last day.

I've also had trouble with the hourly not showing all data at times. This has never happened to me before, and I've been using the service about 8-9 years.

When I want 'all data', I want the current hour as well, but it's showing me one back.

Additionally, hourly is showing me days into the future.

On a new project that has only existed so long, you should consider not showing the previous days 0 traffic. It should default to all data until it's reached 30 days. Yes, it's an obsessive request but the reason I love statcounter are the wonderful charts and that sweet growth I get to see...
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I realized it only does this bug if I select 'Set as default'. I can view all data just fine, but cannot set it as the default. When I go back, it will revert to past 48 hours. I'm using the latest version of Chrome if it matters.

I've put lots of log size in this project, so that's a non-issue. It seems to be that I just can't change the defaults.

Any time I pull up a chart I would like to always see days or hours with 0 views omitted, so long as the're past/future. One in the middle of the day should of course be excluded.