Pressie from Shazza! Warning Small photos!

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I got a pressie in the post from Sharron!!!
Thanks Sharron!!!!

Here it is in Statcounter size photos!

I wonder what it is????????????????????

Its addressed to Nicolle as well as me!
That means I have to wait till she gets home to open it.

Its 12.23pm... and she finishes work at 5.30pm... walks to the station... train... walk... unlock door..... 6.19pm.... So long to wait!
Well, is she home yet? lol
Mark you given me the best gift today! A laugh and some eye candy! yum

Now off to watch the Grinch that stole christmas!

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Well... is she home yet???

Go ahead and open it :-D


I gotta' go to bed!

But I will stay awake all night if I don't know what's inside that package!
I like this, I dont even have to type....

Thank you so much, Sharron, they are just so lovely! And thank you for the beautiful card!
me moooooooooooooooooooooo mooooooooooooooooooo.

lol, not much to get so excited about. The box, bubble wrap, postage and tape are worth much more! lol

House warming gifts, one if you've got Christmas tree, and the other a good ole piece of Texas thift store junk. you figure out which is which.:grin:

Mark I wondered if you'd get around to reading the "paper" packaging inside. Did you find your sale boat in there?


ps Thanks Nic, for making Mark wait...................his pictures and yours are precious!
We are doing the Christmas tree tomorrow so the boot will be in it, or we are thinking of putting it on our door decoration (its protected by an outter security door.). or we might have it on our table as a special decoration.
its fun! :)
Ya know, I didn't realize the significance of "the boot" until I read it here! lol

I just thought of them as Texas Cowboyish symbolism.
Getting the "boot" at work just before Christmas is a recurring theme around hre :( But thankfully I only got it as a Christmas gift from a friend :mrgreen:
lol, Ken I could not help but notice your crumpled packing. I noticed right away the highlighted advert.

My newest discovery that store. Exactly where I found my last treasures, the Oak Leaves and Acorns metal works.

That store is the Waco Habitat for Humanity Re-Sale store. They sell all manner of house materials. Some salvaged, some new, some damaged allot or a little.

I coveted several doors and large beautiful windows...........sigh.

They sell the stuff that is donated and use the proceeds to build the habitat houses. This store alone made enough off the store alone to build 4 or 5 homes.

Also that paper is actually all classifieds. It used to called The Thrifty Nickly, now it is called American Classifieds. It is distributed free all over the place. I think they are now national thus the name change. I think they are published once a week. I may have to go to their website and check that fact.

Folks just love em, I love em for packing and dog training! lol
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