Printing layout/formatting fail

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Hi All

When I print from StatCounter in Chrome on Win 7 (Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 m - but had the same problem on my previous PC) everything displays perfectly in the browser, but using any printer driver seems to completely ignore the CSS and everything comes out in crappy layout and default fonts etc. The only Chrome extension I have is Google Docs.

Does anyone have any bright ideas where to look for a fix?

Many thanks


OK, not 'solved' exactly because I don't know what I did, but I upgraded to the very latest Chrome and the formatting thing is fixed... I've upgraded several times before without this being fixed... maybe I was lucky today. Having just asked for help seems to have prompted Chrome to self-heal... spooky.

NOT solved

No, sorry, it is back. So I switched back to the old statcounter and that prints perfectly - exactly the same on paper as on screen. I'll put up some screenshots in a second...

As far as I can tell, Statcounter is deliberately using a much simplified stylesheet for print (as opposed to unstyled). While it does look starkly minimalistic, it is probably not a bug. If I ever did print, I might prefer some sort of medium ground, as the screen stylesheet is not ideal for printing.
Bug or deliberate?

You might be right, but the change from old to new is, erm, noticeable. And I prefer the old version. I was trying to print to PDF to send to someone and the new version is kaka.

On some pages the underline on the links is so out of place it comes out as a strike-through, which makes me think it is bugs rather than a design choice, and since StatCounter's display design is generally very good - why would the print version be so different to before and so crappy?



StatCounter Team
What stat are you trying to print out?

Have you noticed a csv/excel file download link beside most stats (upper right corner)? Could this help i.e. give you the info you want in a format that's easy to send on to a third party?
Yes, I've used CSV before, thanks, but the old statcounter formatted printout was far better, it just doesn't work any more.

The main issue is with Recent Visitor Activity. It used to be replica of the screen layout, complete with links on the left. I can see they are worth dropping from the print, but the format has changed to something much less readable. See these - especially the fallback to Chrome's default serif face, niot the sans face used on screen:

And there's a formatting bug which occurs if you look at the Recent Visitor Activity screen, do [Ctrl][P] for print, cancel the print dialog box and return to Recent Visitor Activity. The rows of the table have grown a blank space at the top. This is reproducible at will:

I can revert to Old StatCounter in order to get a nice print, because the new print layouts are just not as nice, but if you remove the Old version, I'm snookered.

Many thanks

Hi Barry,

This is most definitely deliberate, and is designed on the (obviously mistaken) assumption that you want to conserve printer ink when printing out ... so we went for a 'just the facts please' approach, and also removing navigation and UI controls (as you can't click anything on a piece of paper).

As you've discovered, we definitely went overboard removing the styles and it certainly has been neglected in the design department.

Thanks for your detailed reports and screenshots, they are very useful in figuring out the most important things to fix.
I'll post back here when the improvements are live.

Kind regards,

Eoghan Murray
StatCounter Dev
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