Problem in logging into 'My Projects'

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I can't even log in so I can send a help ticket. I'm paying for my service so how do I contact them and let them know that a paying customer needs assistance?
chrisooc said:
Put that url in the browser - it would have logged you in most likely.
I am also unable to access my project pages (my3). I tried the URL above for my7, and it redirects to my4--which also does not work. There is apparently a larger problem.
yeah, that's the best work-around

I was on earlier this afternoon, so it's only been a matter of maybe three hours since I was logged in successfully. I can get to the index page, and I am automatically logged in via a permanent cookie, but when I click on "my projects" to actually see the stats, I get the "server not found." Note that it's not just the page, the entire server is down. Does anybody know the IP, so we can try it direct without DNS service? The my7 gives an identical result... nothing else seems to work, either... could be a DNS error, or the actual server might be down. I do have the normal URL at hand for downloading your logs... WAIT! it's back? all of a sudden... I have no clue why, but my7 just began working again. "my3" is still down. Just in case my7 goes down again, I pinged it, so if it's a DNS problem, y'all can still use the IP directly:

Also, as an emergency safeguard, I recommend downloading your logs now, go to and pick your extension of choice. That way, at the very least, you can review the most recent raw data in the event that the other server / mirror is inaccessible as well. I noticed that using the straight IP, you will get to the site fine, but any cookie you have that allows you to log in automatically won't work unless you use the nameserver address. Something similar happens when I log in under my7 instead of the default my3 subdomain. But, I have a fix:
1.) just go to (no other path, don't go to /project/)
2.) input your username and password as usual, and be sure to click "remember me" to set a cookie
3.) if it tries to redirect you to my3 (look in status bar on most browsers for transmission source) let it; it will give you a "server not found" error page
4.) although it doesn't look it, it DID log you in, and you now have a session-ID cookie. If you go back to again, you'll be on your main page, logged in and everything.
5.) One problem: all the links are set to point to my3, and NOT the my7 equivalent. So, you have to manually replace the "3" in your address bar to a "7".

Then, my account shows a path when I try to access the /project/ directory, but yet there's no index page... maybe that's one of the servers that does the actual logging, and so there's no direct interface, I don't know. But, it's working for me this way, try it and good luck, all!
Still not working for me

I've cleared cookies, and tried the remedies suggested regards replacing the numbers, and I've not been able to access for the last hour. I've checked my "passwords" file to ensure I've been using the correct Username and password as well.

At first I thought it was IE7, because it's been a royal pain in the rear since getting it, regarding "Page Not Found" things, but this appears to be a problem with Statscounter. Hope someone from Statscounter is monitoring these pages and gets the problem fixed soon.

Unhappy in Ontario......
Well I started out on my3 which didn't work, used my7 and am staying there through all navigation with no problem.

I think different user accounts get redirected to different servers for load balancing or something.

I have sent a message to webmaster of this problem. Somebody of the SC team should eventually figure it out.
I agree, I think that not all people default to my3, mostly because I do: even when I use my7, the links still all point to the my3 equivalent after I'm logged in. That's why I made a point of saying "if it says my3 in the address bar still..." or something similar.
I still am curious as to whether it's a local thing, or just that the name servers are to blame. No one has the IP from before? If so, post it, I'd like to try it.

Kudos to asparin, who made a good point: this cannot reflect badly on SC when they have like 99.999% uptime, and I actually wouldn't even consider this downtime since to my knowledge the stats were still being logged and you COULD access it via the my7 mirror.
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