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I started SEO work on one of client website. this is second month going on. When i start work on his site, site was ranked on 4th-5th pages with 4 keywords.

I did work for him to get his site on first page but his site not getting rank yet and droping slowly -slowly.

i was have 2 months contract with him and now i have only 20 days.

can any body help me that what should i do so site can rank soon now.

Thank you
Bearing in mind I know very little about the dark art of SEO (sometimes darker than others!) it seems that good SEO may only work for a limited time. In this time you try and monitise the site.
When the SEO effect declines you have to find something other form of SEO (so SEO is a constantly changing process).

Apparently big respectable companies use Black Hat methods through proxies and somehow manage to keep their distance from the SEO people/company.
Visit Google's Webmaster Central forum and search for similar subjects.

One thing you will see in abundance is advice on abiding by all of Google guidelines, which automatically means not getting involved in any link building whatsoever.
What do you mean by Black SEO?
Black Hat SEO.
It is SEO that is trying to defeat or get around Google's rules.
As opposed to White Hat SEO which obeys Google's rules.

Now we have, as I understand it, Grey Hat SEO.

If Google suspect Black Hat SEO they will heavily penalise the site or ignore it all together in terms of PR.

Have a look at the Wiki explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization
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Please Stop Black Hats Technique Immediately

Black Hats stop by Google long time ago why you Are still trying this, please stop using it immediately otherwise you get paid more for your website..
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