Recent Flickr changes did away with "Profile" Where to post code please?

Happy New Year Everyone!
Newbie here. Recently, tried to post the code on my Flickr page, but the Flickr environment also recently changed. The result is that I tried to figure out where to post the code in the new Flickr environment but am getting the message that the code is not properly posted. Can anyone tell me where it should be posted now?

This is where I have folks directed to my portfolio:

Many thanks!
You don't have the code at all. I don't know where you can add it or if you can add it to Flicker pages. Probably not.
When I visit another member's profile page to see what they are about, I like to see their favorites visible in thumbnails like it used to be, as well as groups they belong to.

I agree!

And I need to know HOW MANY photos someone has favorited, so that I can block them if they have faved so many that they must be bots.

Well, there is some kind of fave # on the new profile, but it's not clear if it's the # the user has received or given. More research is required I guess.