Recommend Best Backlink Checkers?

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I have recently launched a new website in the UK and have been building backlinks for SEO purposes to increase my SERPs and amount of incoming traffic.

I wondered if anyone technically minded here might be able to recommend some backlink checkers that are ideally free?

I have tried the following, all which are free, and do give some reasonable results:

Majestic SEO (limited information, doesn't see all backlinks, updates infrequently)
Arefs (great tool but only get a few free searches daily)
Backlink Watch (not enough information)
Open Site Explorer (my site is 1 month old and it's still reading zero data)

There are lots of other free backlink checkers out there - but most seem to be rubbish, in that either you do not get much information, or you spend 5 minutes filling out forms just to find out the free version has little/no functionailty, and it's just a sales pitch for a paid-for tool.

Given the amazing variance of quality amongst the free backlink checkers out there, I am a little wary of buying some software in.

Can anyone here in the Stat Counter forum community recommend some decent backlink checking software?

Best regards,
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Backlink Checkers

I personally would recommend these two or as far as backlink analysis. I also believe has a backlink checker as well.
A very good question Christian - I also look for a good one as well.

For now I use Google Webmaster, but even in there i'm not able to see what i'm looking for. Or maybe I do it wrongly...?

Anyway I agree, there are a huge amount of various software and online offers out there, and it's really difficult to find a decent and reliable one that suits.
Specially the prices too - they are not in the cheap end, which makes it even more important to hit the correct one first time.

I have looked at Ahref, MOZ, and SemRush and i'm still confused which one to choose.

Damn...Back in the old days it was more easy...The sites were full of gif animations and pictures with spinning email label all over the place. And of course it took 5 minutes for a site to load with the 33.3 modem:mrgreen:

Anyway I hope more will contribute with suggestions in this thread.
Some important elements you need to take care of backlinks analysis:
  • Total number of links
  • Number of unique domains
  • Linking domains vs total links
  • Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.
  • Fresh/incoming links
  • Page performance
  • Link quality*

Source: www toolsinsight com
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I personally use 2, 3 tools for cross verification of link count. And backlinkwatch is one of the best free tools for backlink checking.
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