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Could you take a snapshot of your stats page where you have that and show it?

Also you could explain your counter settings.

It's a bit odd.
Yes, I saw it. You'll also have a bunch of visits from me both with MSIE and Netscape (when I was using Mozilla Firefox).

My best guess, although I couldn't reproduce it here, is that somebody using Mozilla Firefox somehow surfed to both your web site and the url of the statcounter script (Firefox does not download it apparently, but rather displays it in the browser), maybe out of curiosity.

By some weird combination of navigational actions (maybe involving bookmarks, maybe back and forward arrows or some bookmark recall, soemthing like that rings a bell), that url ended up being logged as a referring link to your site.

Sorry I can't be more help.
thanks Chrisooc

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my stats. Thats makes sense, strange how the tracking works.

Im not a keen fan of mozilla/netscape, i find them just too slow, i like opera though.

I luv the El Condor Pasa!
Not open for further replies.