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StatCounter Team
Folks - I am so sorry to be back here for the third straight day reporting a problem.

We are investigating a problem with delayed stats in some StatCounter accounts. Please bear with us while we work on this.

I'm particularly annoyed that the same servers have been impacted by completely unrelated issues three days running - please accept my sincere apologies. I assure you we are working to resolve ASAP.

(They say bad things happen in threes... so let's hope this is the end of our current run of bad luck...)
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StatCounter Team
Partition 69 folks - please accept my sincere apologies.

The servers that handle your stats were hit by a sudden surge in traffic. This is under control now but it has created a back log of stats - we're processing these into your account ASAP.

We'll get your stats back to real-time as soon as we can. Thanks for all the reports and apologies again - stats currently about 2 hours behind.