RESOLVED:"Missing projects" in your account.

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"Missing projects" in your account.

I have verified this issue and contacted Support.

Thank you for your patience, updates will happen as soon as they have something to tell you.

I am also missing a project, but the stats are still there.

Click the little graph icon to the left of where the project name should be and it takes you to the summary.

It appears the the database is not holding the URL for the project, but the data is there.
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hi Folks,

Full access to your stats should be restored now - this issue occurred as we temporarily lost power to a few servers. Apologies for the inconvenience. No visitor data for your projects was lost, but there is a small backlog for partitions 86, 87 and 88. This visitor data is being processed now and your stats will be back to real-time asap.
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