Responsive design - opinions please.

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted in here. I hope everyone is doing well.

I'd be really grateful for some feedback on a responsive design I'm working on for my web site. I've tried to make an art gallery page that shrinks and changes layouts according to the size of the device viewing it. I've got a lot of fine-tuning to do before I'm completely happy but for now I'd like some help with a problem I can't resolve. I'm using css media queries to test for the device screen width and I'm testing the behaviour of the page by shrinking and expanding my PC browser. I'm aware this isn't a perfect way of testing, however, what I'm finding is that the design changes fine as I shrink the screen but not as I expand it back. Refreshing the screen always brings the layout back to what it should be.

Two things ..... firstly, I'd love any feedback as to how the page looks especially from tablet/phone users. Secondly, if any of you techies can suggest why the screen doesn't behave properly as it expands from small to large I appreciate your thoughts.

I currently have all the css internal to the page for convenience.

The page is

Thanks in advance. :wink:
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Okay, I've sorted it. The css is probably more involved than it needs to be and is a bit untidy as a result, but it seems to be working. I now have two fluid layouts that between them cover every screen size from smartphone (320px wide) to desktop.

I'd still appreciate any feedback on how it looks on different devices and with different browsers. :wink: