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Yes content is most important. But not any old content. It must be well written, original and projecting understanding by the writer. It should be proactive rather than passive (showing how to do something to get the reader interested). There should be linking to similar subject matter within the website.
What I am saying is content must be very high quality in all aspects.
Yes content is most important.But not any old content. It must be well written, original and projecting understanding by the writer.So to beginners, just write, and write and publish quality content on a daily basis, after months or even years of doing so, you can go deeper into SEO and start a link building strategy and do other stuff to improve your ranks, but the basis of every successful SEO campaign ( white hat ) is epic content.
Considering website is live & have all product & services pages ready. The next step would be
keyword research, freeze set of keywords as per your business with a mixture of buying intent, generic & research based keywords. Once you shortlist keywords,
Do Onpage SEO which will involve page title, description, H1 tags, inter-linking, broken links corrections, keyword density, url structure, schema implementation & more.
Once onpage is done, it all come down to offpage seo which is basically link building.
You need a lot of expertise in this part. If you possess such expertise that great but if don’t then I would advice hire someone or company to do a job for you. I’ve hired an Indian SEO company which is doing a great job for me.

Hope it helped your understanding & making a decision.
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Beware of link building. If the links are followed they are considered unnatural and Google will penalize the website.
Of course, we can maintain a good balance between different link building activities as well as the percentage of follow & do-follow links to avoid google penalities
No, not balance, absolutely no do-follow backlinks that you or somebody working for you creates. None. And forget about disguising this activity in any way. It will be discovered just the same. Be warned.
If you want to increase traffic you can do these work -

1. Social media
2. Guest post submission
3. Keyword Rotation

These 3 points are working these days in getting rank and traffic.

Hope it will help you.

Yes. Offcourse. But the main key point is Content because of the content and services only people like to visit our website.
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