Server Status: 502 bad gateway

Car Guy

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This error is noted and Statcounter support has been notified of it.

Your patience is appreciated as they work to correct this as soon as possible.

Updates will follow.
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StatCounter Team
Just to re-iterate Car Guy's comments.

We're actively investigating this issue. Some members are intermittently receiving a "bad gateway" message when trying to access StatCounter. Others seem to be seeing the message continuously. TO help us resolve this issue, it would be great if you could give us some additional information. Please tell us what browser (and version number) you're having problems with as well as your general location (e.g. London, England).

Please post in this thread.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks for your assistance and apologies for this glitch.


StatCounter Team
Hi folks,

Full service has been back for the last two hours. (Sorry that I'm only managing to post this now!)

Investigations continue - I'll post more shortly.


StatCounter Team
Hi folks,

Apologies again for the problem today.

Today's issue is a previously unknown problem which we are still investigating.

We *did* have a problem in mid-December where some members received the "Bad Gateway" message however, this was related to a problem with redirects and was fully fixed at that time. Today's problem is entirely different although the same error message "Bad Gateway" was displayed.

We are working on a detailed log analysis to get to the bottom of today's issue. In the meantime and before we fully resolve this matter, it's possible that today's problems will recur. In that case, please be assured that we will bring everything back online as quickly as possible. We will also, of course, be working to identify and eliminate the underlying problem as soon as possible and hopefully before any recurrence can happen.