Show uniques instead of page loads on project page

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It would be handy if there was a way to change the values displayed on the projects page. I'd like to see unique visitors more than the page loads. A simple link to toggle it on the my projects page or something similar would be nice.
I second this request

I was just about to post with this request, so I'll second yours instead.

I'm really not interested in page loads. I'd much rather know unique visitors - and most people I know are the same. If we can't have the option to toggle between page loads and unique visitors, then I'd like to request that you show unique visitors rather than page loads on the my projects page.

Thank you!
also for City/State etc stats

It would be VERY VERY useful to know the number of unique users as another column on those pages. I would guess would be relatively easy to implement since the info is available when you do a drill down. Just count the different IP's.

Great site. So good, in fact, I bumped up my log file size.
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