Site stats showing visits from sites with no links to mine

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I have seen a few odd visits to my site from sites with no links to mine. I have even looked through their visible html code as rendered and found no hint.

This is not just from Statcounter apparently, but also from other site stats that I am getting, but it was Statcounter stats that drew my attention to this because they are organized neatly.

I occasionally find a visit where the referrer is apparently some random web site and when I go there I see absolutely no reference to my web site. This sort of puzzles me. I am wondering what kind of web screw up could cause such a phenomenon. This looks a bit like crossed telephone lines.
Maybe not right this minute, as I don't hink I have any in the logs, but I will keep an eye out for this and post it as soon as it happens again.
Trust me, I looked at that site the first day I saw that log entry and didn't see anything there at all. I looked at the code and there's no link to anything remotely corresponding to any of my sites nor anything I link to, let alone that particular page. I looked in the source code and I also ran that web site through Xenu-Link which produces a list of all links it finds on a web site starting with a particular url. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Mystery.

Crossed wires.... errr.... IP's :)

Or.... is it possible that this French site in fact visited another web site that has a StatCounter while mine was being visited by somebody else at the same instant and the logs got mixed up a bit?

There's no javascript there at all, nor going back to the root of the web site except in conjunction with email. It is a movie review site, they call it a forum, but it may be more like a blog. I see no evidence of php or asp or javascript code anywhere either, so there doesn't appear to be any dynamically generated content.
Thanks, I think you may have hit it on the head. I didn't think of the back or forward buttons and what they'do to system variables like HTTP_REFERER.

The forum bit doesn't hold because as I said it is strictly html and not only did I look at the code but I put it through XENU to check all links.

I do read French and it's not really a forum, more like a very simple flat blog, still the same idea though.
I was looking at what Alexa has to say about my site out of curiosity, and it listed another site with links to mine. I had no notion of what the other site was so I went to take a look. It appeared to be a mish-mash listing of all sorts of sites, seemingly one of those link-exchange directories. Totally unfamiliar to me. In the visible portion of the page I couldn't find any reference to my site but there it was in the source code, as the link to follow if you wanted to "win a free pc" or some such thing! How on earth did my site end up there and in that context? Mystery. I tried to see if I can contact the site owner to have my link removed from there, but there's no such contact naturally. My only worry is that a lots of the sites listed there have dubious connotations and I'd hate to have mine appear in such company :) Oh, well!

Best guess is somebody harvesting web site url's from various places where they appear and adding them to that site. How my site's inclusion there could benefit anybody escapes me but there you have it.
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