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You have created your account, and created the Project for your website. You have installed the counter code and visited your site and had your friends visit and you are seeing nothing in your stats, or it was working fine at one time and has now stopped tracking.

The first step
If you have blocked your IP or are using a blocking cookie, unblock yourself and visit your web page and then check your Project’s stats for a record of your visit. It does happen that sometimes your site is simply not getting much traffic. If your visit is not recorded, read on.

The next step is to check that the counter code is actually installed!
You need to view your web page in your browser and click “View” from the menu bar, then “Source” or “Page Source”. You are now looking at the page’s source code, the instructions on how your browser should display this page and what actions to perform. From the “Edit” menu select “Find”. You now will search for “Statcounter”. You should find your counter code on the page. It should look like it did when you got it from Statcounter. Often you will see it laid out differently but no extra characters should be there. If the code is not there, that is why the counter is not working for you. You will need to review the install instructions and perform the install again. If the counter was working at one time and now the counter code is not there, it disappeared at some point during a web page update. You may need to check often depending on how your pages are edited.

Sometimes you may need to change the install location to a less susceptible part of your page. If you have access to the footer template, that is often the best and safest place for the code. If the code is there but has been corrupted, extra or missing characters, you need to review your installation procedure. Remove the corrupted code before re-installing.

Many times copying the counter code from a web browser and pasting it into your editor or plug-in will result in corrupted code. Instead, paste it into a text editor like Notepad, then copy from there and paste it into your editor or plug-in. Be sure when working with a web page that you are working in HTML mode or in “code mode”.

If your code looks fine but is not working and this is the first installation for this site, it’s possible that the code may be placed inside some conflicting section of your web page. The “ideal” spot in the source code is just before the </body> tag on your page so that it is the last thing to load. With most plug-ins you don’t have any choice as to where it goes. If the code is placed between the <head> tags it will not work. If it is placed inside some other script it may not work, or may not give you all the features.

What if you are not seeing all your website’s pages in your stats?
The counter code can only track your visitors if it is in the page source of those pages; it should be installed on all your pages. If you have a common footer template that is used on all your pages, this is the best place, and if you need to update or change your counter code you only need to do it in one place.

If everything has been done correctly as described above, and possibly everything has been working well until now, the problem is likely a network problem. When a visitor views your webpage a request is made to the Statcounter server that hosts your Project. If somewhere in the internet there are connection problems, this will cause page loads to be missed. This is not something Statcounter can control. It usually clears itself up, sometimes only taking a few hours, sometimes it takes days.

If you are unsure about your code’s placement or everything looks OK to you and it still doesn’t work, post your problem in the Help section so that other members can help you.
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