Statcounter on a redirected page

I am using a page with a meta refresh 0 on it.

If I put statcounter code on the page will it catch the hits before they redirect?

If not will setting the refresh to 5 give statcounter enough time to catch the visit?

If so, what is the minimum time I can set the refresh to?

Well if your page that has the meta refresh has no content at all, no images, no css styles, no other scripts, then there's a good chance that the Statcounter script could trigger before the meta refresh, but it always depends on the connectivity between the user's location and Statcounter's server.

It depends on why you are using meta refresh. If it's because you are unable to use server-side redirection, then the meta refresh time has to be 0 for a search engine like Google to consider it somewhat equivalent to a 301 redirection.

Otherwise you could set it to 2-3 seconds keeping in mind that visitors may not like the experience of a meta refresh redirection at all and may consider it malicious in fact.