Statcounter Plugin page not showing

Hello - This is an ongoing problem. I installed the Statcounter wordpress plugin several months ago on my Website: Project ID: 10557363. SC Username: Mike2oo4 (been using SC since 2004) I did a search but only found installation instructions. Nothing else about Wordpress plugins.

When I click on the StatCounter Stats link under the Dashboard, the page is blank but once in a while it shows the stats perfectly. Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!


I introduced the module, enacted it, entered my task ID and security code, and checked the establishment. Introduce check said statcounter was introduced on my landing page, however no different pages. That is fine. However, I see no statcounter in the footer or header. When I take a gander at the hotspot for the landing page I see the statcounter code, yet it is embedded toward the end of the code, long after the footer division code has been shut.
I am using WP3.3.2, and BuddyPress 1.5.5. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Firefox fails to laod Statcounter Page in Wordpress

I finally tried loading my wordpress site in an alternate browser (I typically use Firefox) and the Statcounter page showed up just fine. Tried it in MIE and Maxthon Cloud Browser. Both worked. For some reason whenever a new update is issued for FF the Statcounter page is either viewable or unviewable.

Hope this helps those with the same problem. I'll be contacting FF and see if it's something they can fix.

Mike :)