Statcounter removed, but still receiving mails with weekly reports


I made a new website in WordPress, the old one was a plain HTML site with Statcounter active. On the new website in WP we did not implement Statcounter. Before installing the new WP website on the server I deleted all old files, including the ones from Statcounter. I still receive e-mails though with weekly reports. Any idea how this is possible? I cannot find any file on the server.

I allready asked my hosting company, they do not cache pages and they have no idea either.

Hope you can help me out finding the source of the e-mails.

The website url is:
You have removed the StatCounter from your website but your Project is still active on their end.
StatCounter's website is sending you weekly reports about your projects(Not your website). You might be receiving reports of 0 hits on your website.
If you are not using StatCounter and don't want to receive any further emails then delete the project from your StatCounter's account.