Statcounter WP plugin doesn't show anymore in Chome


I am using StatCounter already for years at my Wordpress site without problems. Today StatCounter all of a sudden doesn't show anymore in Chrome, with a message :
"We are experiencing a temporary problem. We'll be back as soon as possible. [...]".

However, the stats show without a problem at, and also when I use Firefox or IE the stats show via the plugin at my site. Only Chrome and Opera don't show the stats anymore and show the 'error' message instead... This happened all of a sudden. One moment it worked, the next moment, after a refresh of the stats, the 'error' message appeared.

I have tried everything to solve it, clearing browsing data and cookies, re-installing chrome, but without result. I keep getting that error message.....

Any thoughts what might be causing this?

After installing StatCounter WordPress plugin I am getting Error 403.
I have contacted my hosting support & tried few available methods on the internet to resolve it on my own like
but still the same. My website isn't working right now. After installing Statcounter's plugin i am getting this error.
Can somebody help me to get my website UP again>>