Stats not being recorded

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My stats seem to have stopped tracking about an hour and 15 minutes ago. Website is online and my web/google pageview stats are recording.

Anyone else noticed this?
For a while now when I click on a project there is a message at the top of the screen:

StatCounter is in Read-Only Mode
Stats are temporarily delayed and updates to the database are disabled. Normal service will be restored shortly.

Hopefully they will have it taken care of soon.
I don't see this anywhere, nor do I see any announcement on the forums.
When I clicked on a project name, at the next page it was showing at the top of the page for at least a hour or more.

But it's not there now, and I have received a few visits in the past hour. But not all the visits are recording yet, because it's not recording my own visits. But I'm not getting the error message anymore.
Exact same thing here. Some projects are showing some visits. Some projects are showing nothing since paid services stopped. I know some data is missing because some verified visits are not recorded.
I believe my stats are back to normal. All the visits I made to test have finally shown up after-the-fact. I hope everyone else's are working as well.
My last visitor was 4 hours and 1 minute ago, according to statcounter. Hope they get the database in shape again soon.
I have noticed it this as well as last week. Last week, I had an article that had 5,000+ hits and I only got credit for about 2,000 there's something wrong with Stats Counter. I was checking out my google Ads and I had 44,000 page views for the months and no where close to that on stats counter.
Stat Counter not working.

I checked my site against Google Analytic's. My blog has 272,660 and Stats Counter says I have 213,000+ that's off almost by 60,000 hits. I am beginning to think that's counter is garbage.
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