statsounter showing stats with no visits

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Okay, I was watching it today... for all of the newbies out there, it is possible to have page views and no unique or returning visitors if you have a user on your pages prior to midnight and they are still on your website after midnight.

hope it helps.

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I have mine adjusted to my time zone. I am on EST. As soon as midnight struck the hour, the ghouls came out, the bats flew around the room and statcounter started putting ghost page flips on the next day. However; the ghost page flips turned out to be nothing more than the visitor from previous to midnight. :p
Actually, if you wanted to get technical I am -5 GMT.... lol.....

no, but I suspect that if you are using any less than 24 hours that you are more susceptible to this happening as your counter will keep resetting on you every hour etc etc etc

On the other hand you do not want to go too long with it because then you will be getting false data from AOL when they switch IP's on you. I feel 24 hours does real nice. All you need to know is for the last day anyway.

On another subject:

I have used the best of the best for log analyzers and stat trackers.
Among these are
Deep Metrix - The best looking format I have ever seen
The worst possible stat resolver. All of their information contradicted itself and was not accurate at all.

Webalyzer - Not enough statistics but very good in tracking what it does track in accuracy that is.

AWStats - This is a decent program and it keeps stats accurately but the formatting sucks

Urchin 5.0
This has a lot of really good features and is supposed to be the best on the market. As far as the formatting it is decent at best. Instead of having all of the links where you can get to them they are spread around, and so tiny it takes you 10 minutes just to set your mouse on top of one to click on it. It is designed only for 1024x768 so if you have bad eyes... guess what...scroll over time. I would give them an 8 on their accuracy and a 2 on their formatting and layout

Statcounter - This has kept better and more accurate stats then the rest. Now, none of the drill downs work so that is a bummer but the stuff that it does do is great. I find this more accurate than Urchin 5.0. In fact stat counter picks more stuff up than Urchin does. Urchin does give you a LOT more information but I find a combination of them both very helpful to my marketing of the website.

Internet Explorer Users: Don't forget your Alexa Bar for traffic tracking and your Google Bar for Rating Tracking everyone. You can find the links on my website:

The Google bar is a must if you are planning on submitting your ecommerce feeds to Froogle as that is how the websites are displayed. By Page Rank (of course that is not 100% there are exceptions to every rule.)

Hope it Helps

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