Summary Stats not been updated for C2 / Partition 1

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richards1052 said:
Not yet, they aren't. It's 24 hrs after you wrote the last post...
Same here, we're still not showing on some of our sites which are affected.

The others are fine - just those on the particular partition.
Not fixed here either.. 36hours and counting..

I presume I'll be getting a refund for the days where the counter isn't working? The use I put the counter to requires the stats to be constantly updated.. As it is this service is useless..

I heard Google Analytics is free.. If statcounter can't sort itself out that's where I'll be going. Saving myself E15 per month.

Sort it out!


OK now

All appears to be working well now.

Earlier stats were not showing on the summary, but they were recorded under visitor paths.

Central European Time 1735.



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I'm afraid the total summary stats for feb 1 and part of feb 2 are lost for projects on partition 1 due to a database error. This is completely unacceptable and we have put some extra checking measures in place to ensure this does not happen again.

I completely apologise.


Are you sure you didn't change anything whilst it's been not working? Ours is counting visitors / page loads properly / returning visitors properly again.
No stats for five hours

I haven't had any stats for my site logged in over five hours. I'm actually very glad to know the problem is with SC. -- and not with my website.

Hope it is up soon and hope the history will be restored. All in all, I find Stat Counter to be very reliable.

Lost stat for 7 hours now

var sc_partition=6;

I've been using StatCounter for more than a year now and rarely do I encounter a problem with it. Hope the problem will be fixed soon. Please let us know you guys. Thanks :)
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