Switched site to https - Statcounter no longer picking up all traffic

The other day I made my site https. However, as soon as it happened, my statcounter stats dropped drastically. My Google Analytics stats are fine. Any ideas? I switched my site name to https in the statcounter project.

Project is on MoneyManifesto.com
User ID moneylifeandmore
Project ID - couldn't find it
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Your Statcounter code is incomplete. You left out the part of the script that defines the project id and other variables needed to properly log the hit. You'd only be getting hits logged from visitors who are javscript disabled (i.e. some robots that are at least image enabled).

Get a fresh copy of your code and insert it again replacing what you have now.
I faced the same problem when I switched my website FTS 18 to https but after re-installing the plugin the problem vanished.
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