The ability to rename pages

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This would take a little bit I am sure but what about the ability to rename the pages to a more friendly format..

Currently i have a bunch of dynamically generated pages that look something to the affect of

(The following three URL's have been set not to work. You will get an error if you go to them due to no session variables being set)
Now, I am going to be applying an ISAPI filter to change those addresses to read something to the affect of:

This is not a real webpage.

Please keep in mind that because the pages are dynamically driven the title is always the same.

However if I had the otpion to come into the administrative interface of statcounter and have the ability to rename that page to "Pet Gift Basket - The Cats Meow" That would be so much simpler then trying to figure out what product the user looked at. Now, obviously the URL link would stay the same so you can still click on it and it will take you to that URL even though the name has changed.

I would love to see that. Anyone else?

Just a thought.

As I stated prior, the pages are dynamically driven. This means that they all use a common header file which contains the title tag within it. Resulting in you can have 150,000 pages, however all of the titles within the title tag will be the same.

You can see an example of this here:

They all have the same title however being vey different pages.

As well as if the webmaster happens to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then the title tag is one of the most important tags for optimizing. This will not always and cannot always be the product that is listed on that page but rather relevant keywords to that product.

I don't know how asp works, but I feel you can probably generate the title dynamically as you generate the page content - you may have to restructure your stuff somewhat though.

You could have a fixed portion of your title that applies to all the pages that are generated and you can geenrate another portion on the fly, so as to make it distinct.

As for SEO, I thought the keywords and actual text content are what search engines look for.
The cart is VPASP. It does not allow you to dynamically structure your title tag. To do so would cause way too much customizing of the ASP code involved just to not have it supported in future versions of the shopping cart.

Depends on what search engine you are optimizing for

Take this search for example
wedding party gifts in Google

Look at the number one website. You will not find anywhere in their description or their title the exact phrase "wedding party gifts" yet they are number one... why? Because they have more relevant content towards that phrase wedding party gifts.

They did not keyword stuff their website. They optimized it and wrote phenomenal content around that keyword phrase without actually using it

As well as wedding party gifts is not a very specific search. If you look at their page you will see that they have Long Stemmed Lollies, Personalized Wedding Coffee, etc etc etc.

This is just an example of how they cannot fit all of those items into the Title Tag however need that title tag for specific optimization that doesn't really have anything directly to do with the product but with an average of 283 searches per day for that keyword phrase, I would say that is a good keyword phrase to get in with for those products.

No problem, I appreciate you writing back. I was just putting this in for a future request and showing that there is an actual need for it. In certain environements it would be a lot faster and more user friendly if we had the ability to change the URL being reported to whatever we wanted it to say. This would require the use of a large database and a few arrays in the programming code. This should not be that hard of a task depending on how the program is set up currently.

Man, if you got the money you can just buy the knowledge! :mrgreen:

Or did you mean you had the knowledge but no the money?

If you got the knowledge, just set up the DB and be done! it's not going to cost anything extra unless your web hsoting doesn't provide mysql.
yes but you have to have access to the cisco and that I don't have nor do I have $3000-$7000 just lying around to spend on one...

Having a server is one thing... but having access to the OC8's is another or even faster. You also have to control you router access and other sorts. You also have to set up everything this website already has in place. All that takes money and time... Neither of which I have a lot of.

What you are suggesting would require me to run everything and have full control of everything. To pull all of the information off that I would need in order to run a place like this I would need all of the above and not just a database.

Haven't covered all of the bases... I made it to second.

Oh, I see, in conjunction with the ip tracking vs page view tracking.

As I have no idea what those gizmos you mentioned actually do, I'll just leave you to sweat it out :D

Are you sure your webhosting doesn't have those toys you need so you can write your own database?

(see how she has no clue whatsoever :D )
I ended up rewriting all of the pages in HTML and then writing a javascript that would integrate in with the shopping cart in order to get the pages where I needed them. You can go to the website now. I rewrote some odd 200+ pages in order to accomplish this... lol

It was a lot of work but well worth it. Since rewriting the pages we are now found number 1 in Google, Froogle, Yahoo, MSN and a lot of the smaller SE's for a number of highly competitve searches.

Now, the pages are all fully configurable and I can change the titles to whatever I want.

To answer your question however; with the VPASP shopping cart I could have wrote a script that would have output a different title per page however I would have had to implement the same script and put it into the next version of the shopping cart and then again and then again as the versions got better as we upgraded the shopping cart. I did not want to have to do this so I took the long way about it... now, no matter what version of the shopping cart they are on, my code will always work.

Hope it helps... Thank you for your reply.
studlycaps said:
Congratulations, you have done what should have been done a long time ago but you didn't really think about it until I brought it up. Waddya wanna cookie or something now?
studlycaps said:
Congratulations, you have done what should have been done a long time ago but you didn't really think about it until I brought it up. Waddya wanna cookie or something now?
Boy, you really do know how to prove how illiterate you really are... did you even look at the posts?
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