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There are people who are so convinced they can do no wrong that, when they are shown their mistake, they become offensive. I call this the Chihuaha effect.

Moreover they don't seem to learn form their mistakes either. And they never, ever admit to having made the mistake. It must be very stressful being them.

And how about you? Shouldn't you shut up expecially since you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING USEFUL to contribute anywhere?
Okay, not that I am defending droopy nuts however; he does have me laughing.... that last post was pretty funny.

Should I be honored that your fixation on "sparring" with me leads you to take time out of what seems to be an "oh so busy schedule", not perusing the forums and all; even though you did have enough time to yourself to come back and post more than once even though I did not yet have a chance to read it once? Or should it be taken that the disease you have is a psychotic fixation on men?

I do like the quick subject change when you realized what an idiot you were trying to take credit for something that happened months ago.

It was also a nice try to change what the subject was really about. You're still behind the times however.

All you have yet again shown, is that you really have no clue what designing is all about. You have no clue on colors, you have no clue on programming, you have no.... well, you have no clue....

It is okay though, don't panic! There is a cure for your ignorance. It is called studying. Try it sometime. Pick up a book or download a PDF file.

I must say up front that I do not share this same interest of the fixation that you seem to have with men. Do you do this often? If so, it must be lonely being you.

Anyway, I have got to run. I am interested in some of the websites that you have designed out there oh Mr. Web Design? (At least you know who your Master is! :lol: ) They do call you Mr. Web Design don't they? Oh that's right, they just don't call you.

Can you post some links? Or do you really not have any because you are really 14 or 15 and in school learning or attempting to learn anyway?

Serious, I would love to see what you consider REAL web design. Things that you have done.

Of course, if you are not interested in sharing your, self proclaimed, great knowledge" we understand and our hearts will not be broke.

Let's recap on something here:

Droopy Nuts said:
Waddya wanna cookie or something now?
Hmmmmmm to take time out what what you claim to be a busy schedule to write that.... This sounds pretty childish. Could this be the pot calling the kettle black? Hmmmmmmmm
Well, finally! I read a little bit of halfwit intelligence coming out of your mouth. Quick! Mark the Books! Open the champagne. Droopy Nuts said something, well halfway intelligent anyway but for him that is really good. Everyone clap your hands for Droopy Nuts; let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. How long did it take you to have someone look that up for you?

Droopy Nuts said:
You were inferring that I had some dates mixed up with your posts. Well, let's take a looksie at the discussion. The post I was responding to was dated Friday, August 27... which was in response to a post nearly two months ago?! Anyway, your response admitted to finally rewriting your "200+ pages" with some leet scripting trickery so you don't have to alter your titles each time you upgrade your third party shopping cart software which you "programmed" (hah hah).
Just again, proving that you really do not research much nor understand much. The original posting was from months ago; had you bothered to read you would have seen this. You are that type of person that thinks they can learn no more. I really do pity you. Someone has to. Hopefully your mother gave you away at birth and saved herself the frustration of raising you.

The shopping cart, I didn't program. Nice try though. Any insults are the shopping cart, well, I am probably inclined to agree with you. I was not the one to pick it out and I was not ever very happy with it.

droopy nuts said:
Anyway, yeah. It's a weekend. I try to rest and find something entertaining to do, so yes. I decided to bash with you, Wayner. And what a fun bash it's proving to be... (yawn). I wonder if I can change my nick to saggynuts, cause it's kinda growing on me.
You defintely should seek some professional help with this fixation you have on men. Is it men in general that you like or am I special? You don't have this with little boys too, do you. You need not to be near anybody of that kind. I feel bad for any kids you decide to have. You should probably check yourself into a mental hospital so no harm comes to those kids.

Droopy Nuts said:
By the way, what's all this crap in this discussion about needing OC8's and a Cisco Router for? Pffffttt, to create a tracker? You're kidding, right? Uh huh, okay. Yeah, well, that explains a lot you know.
Once again, proving that you do not research everything fully.
People like you are a lost cause. Go back and read. I was talking about hosting everything and having full control.. Not having to rely on anybody for any type of service. Such as hosting the server, having the cisco's and other sorts, I could go on and on and on but I wouldn't want to confuse you. I know this is a lot for you to take in.

Droppy Nuts said:
Like why you are probably losing money hand over fist on your purple shopping cart site because you decided to BUILD YOUR OWN DATA CENTER just to host it since using an existing one wouldn't be sufficient.
LOL Keep thinking that and someday you just might believe it.

Droppy said:
Do you really think that building a simple tracker like statcounter would require so much bandwidth?!
Not if you are tracking it for yourself, but if you are going to proivde a tracking service for everyone else, absolutely! Are you still back in the says where people beleived they would never use up a 10MB hard drive?

Droopy Nuts said:
That's awsome. Yeah, retrieve my MAC address from behind MY router, which is NATing for about 10,000 different people. It will be interesting when you find out that you are getting the MAC address of the router I'm going through instead of my machine's MAC. Dude, read up on Network Address Translation. Webmaster's gonna be pissed when he finds out all the time he's wasted in your "idea". Do you really think you'd be the first person to think of this?
Now, everyone pay attention to this This is somewhat of an intelligent statement that came out of Droopy Nuts' mouth. How long did it take you to find someone to look this up for you? Of course, this couldn't have been something that you read from the post which is says there plain as day and once again, trying to pass it on as your own thoughts. Do you even have any original thoughts?

Droopy Nuts said:
By the way, I don't believe you are correct about MAC addresses being sent with every packet.
Read up on your OSI and TCP/IP models. Then you will find out that it is correct. All of the other bullshit you put in there sounds like a really nice opinion but it is just that; an opinion from someone that feels they need to learn no more than what they know; a stagnant individual. Someone that doesn't bother looking things up to back up what they have to say.
The problem was not that the MAC address is not sent. your computer will send the MAC address to your router and you are absolutely correct; your router will in turn replace that MAC address but that DOESN'T MATTER. You will still get a unique MAC. It doesn't have to be the MAC address of your computer. The problem was originally thought about for the AOL Proxy Farm. You can take the MAC address of the computer or the router. You see, unlike you, the ideas that I mention to people I back up with data and research. If you would once again, read for a change or at least have your foster mother read it, you will find out what the final outcome of that was.

Now, the next statement is the most intelligent and truthful thing we have heard come out of your mouth thus far:

Droopy Nuts: I'm a programmer, not a designer

WOW! He admits that he knows nothing of design. He does not have any work to back up his claims... oh gee, what a surprise! Go back home. Nobody here cares about your opinion.

A programmer? Is that what you call yourself? What do you program? What jobs have you programmed? Who the hell in their right mind would hire you? You don't research anything, you believe that you can learn no more than what you know already, and you have no desire and no ambition. Your only ambition is found in trying to bring other people down and make them feel inferior to you so that you can feel better about yourself. That's not living. You, again, should off yourself and do the world a favor. You wouldn't be missed, this I promise you. Your own mother wouldn't miss you. Your father used to beat you just to keep you away from him. Take the hint.

Stagnant Droopy Nuts said:
I'd be calling the kettle black if I said something along the lines of, "you are a big fat dumb idiotic dorkbrain monkeybutt slimeball".
Now, this one has me laughing. Do you think before you write? Do you even understand what "The pot calling the kettle black" means or is that too big of a phrase for you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Every time you open your mouth you get more idiotic. You really believe yourself to be a "big fat dumb idiotic dorkbrain monkeybutt slimeball"? You must have really low self esteem. Again, I will pity you since nobody else will.

Stagnant Droopy Nuts said:
But asking you if you want a cookie...? You'd better straighten out your understanding of hypocrisy. Here, go to to look it up.
Oh gee, is that original? Get your own material! You really don't have a thought in that head of yours that is original do you? Well, anytime you would like to be bashed, let me know. I will be more than happy to oblige.
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