The Best Free Stats out there!

I do have and register my sites with google and bing webmaster.
However I never bother to login and analyze my stats through either as they are ajaxed javascripted turmoil.

It takes me three to four times longer to get the information I am looking for.

StatCounter gives me all the stats I immediately require and I have just incorporated the GWT data, (yeah I know it has taken me some time), which will add to my experience here.

I have tried loads of other glossy interfaces such as:

I tell you now I do not have time to go through all the different interfaces to get the info I want.
So will stick with StatCounter!

I do not often pay compliments, but finding myself after all these years still well pleased.

As I said in this post:
I realize that there will always be feature requests, but find StatCounter easy to use and it supplies the basic information at the click of a button.

I really like that they have kept both the latest and the old interface as it is easy to switch.

I really hate javascript as I see it as lazy design, however as it does have a purpose it is nice to see an application that can switch easily between both.
As I stated in my previous post:

StGeorge, It's obvious you do not even understand the request and that you do not have enough website traffic to even understand the need.

As well, except for the initial test, this has never been a free service for me. I immediately started out as a paying customer, and have upgraded as I have enough webstats to need it. I pay less per month to my website hosting company ($6/month) than to Statcounter ($10/month).

Once you get enough webstats to understand what I mean about "Unique pages only filter on the MagnifyUser", then you will be singing my tune.

I asked privately to tech support for an entire year for this simple feature and got nothing but the runaround. I thought I might get a heroic effort if I put it on the forum. Wrong. Good luck to you.