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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by pigmorris, Nov 8, 2017.

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    I used statcounter for years, but now trying to use on wordpress, I think I incorrectly installed statcounter code and/or used the statcounter plugin incorrectly. There were instructions on how to add it to a "blog" (I just have web pages). I should have not proceeded because my wordpress doesn't look anything like the SC/wordpress blog instructions. Now apparently it was not installed on a specific page and it counts everytime someone visits any page on my site, even ones that no longer exist but are in some servers cache somewhere if that is possible. Very strange

    I just want to get rid of it completely, but you can't just delete the statcounter code anymore, can't even find it on wordpress (I suppose you can, but I'm not sure it's that simple). I'm afraid to proceed until I get a couple more clues.
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    Did you use the Statcounter plugin? If so then you can uninstall it and delete it from your dashboard.
    If you installed just the code in the foorter script edit it and remove it.

    In any case what you describe however is normal: the pageview counter gets incremented for every page that's loaded in the browser, whether it's a single blog post or a page.
    If you ONLY want it to count certain pages or blog posts, you need to remove the plugin or remove the code you added to the footer or body of the theme and add he code to specific pages or posts ONLY.

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