Thinking about visiting Adelaide

Hello there people,

Does anyone live in Adelaide? I need some tips as to getting around the city and best accommodations therein. Would love to get a help from a local if possible. I'm traveling with my wife and probably stay there for a couple of days. Thinking of visiting these places - here,here,here ,

Would you guys recommend me some awesome places to visit? Beaches, Historical places, Art Galleries, Museums and other interesting places.
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I haven't been to Adelaide, however I for one of many tend to use TripAdvisor when traveling. Perhaps you should go have a look there otherwise Google "Adelaide reviews and must sees" ;-)
Inside Adelaide: Getting Around - Before you visit Adelaide, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travellers by travellers. ... are handy for those wanting transport from their accommodation within the city's square mile

1. Bus: For more information call Adelaide Metro on 1300 311 108 or visit
2. Tram: The famous “Bay Tram” runs regularly from the heart of Adelaide's CBD right into Glenelg beach and takes 45 minutes. ...
3.Bike: Adelaide roads are mostly flat and easy to get around on a bike