Time Zone issues

Since around an hour ago, my time zone settings are no longer working properly.

Until then, everything was recording normally, with visits being logged according to my local time. Now, new visits are being recorded at times at least 5 (or more) hours ahead of my time zone. I've made no changes, and even re-selected the correct time zone to make sure it's set properly.

Even stranger still, in the last half hour, while the figure for page views keeps increasing, I don't see the corresponding changes in visitor paths, i.e. they seem to be stuck at a point several hours in the future from my own time settings.

Any idea what's going on?
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Update: I can see now where the new page views are appearing in visitor stats.
It seems the there are 11 visitors paths stuck at the top of the page because their "latest" visit is still in the future, and those visitors haven't returned. The visitors paths that appear below those "stuck" ones are updating according to the correct time zone, i.e the current time in my designated time zone. I suspect everything will sync when my local time reaches this "future " time, which probably resulted from a glitch in the system at some point.
Has anyone else noticed the same thing?
Please check with System Time

Did you check what time is set in your system? May be it is conflicting with your system time or may be you are out of range in case if you are live working!